Irish Player Wins €500,000 in EuroMillions Lottery


The EuroMillions draw on Tuesday, September 27th, saw an Irish player win a life-changing prize that will have them rejoicing.

All ticket holders have been told to check their tickets after one lucky player won the EuroMillions draw’s top prize of €500,000.

The draw

It was confirmed by lotto bosses that the winning ticket was purchased by the player in Co Galway. The winning numbers for the EuroMillions Plus draw on Tuesday night were 23, 32, 35, 42 and 50.

Apart from this prize, there were also 41 players who were able to hit the Match 4 and walked away with €2,000 each.

As for the main EuroMillions draw that had a whopping jackpot of €17,000,000 on Tuesday night, there was sadly no winner.

But, there were four winners who were able to win a prize of €128,444 because they matched five numbers plus 1 Lucky Star number.

The winning numbers for the main EuroMillions draw were 04, 20, 21, 34 and 44 with 01 and 03 being the Lucky Star numbers.

Irish Lotto

This news comes after the Irish Lotto draw on Saturday night saw a hefty sum scooped up by an Irish household.

The winner was able to win the Match 5, plus the Bonus, which resulted in them walking away with €57,711. There were also 38 other players who hit the Match 5, so they landed €911 each.

The winning numbers for the Irish Lotto draw were 11, 16, 17, 26, 27, and 29 with 19 being the bonus number.

However, there was no winner for the jackpot in Saturday night’s draw, so Wednesday night will now have a jackpot of €7,652,968.

The €1 million prize in the Lotto Plus 1 draw was also without a winner for the day. Likewise, no one was able to win the prize of €5,000 for the Match 5 + Bonus.

But, the Match 5 prize of €500 was taken home by 17 players. The winning numbers for Saturday night’s Lotto Plus 1 draw were 03, 05, 07, 12, 37, 38 and 42 was the bonus number.

As far as the Lotto Plus 2 draw is concerned, no one was able to win its top prize of €250,000. But the Match 5 prize was won by 28 players, which was around €500.

The Match 5 plus Bonus prize was also won by two players and it was around €2,500 each. The winning numbers of the Lotto Plus 2 draw were 10, 11, 13, 16, 20 and 22, while 15 was the Bonus number.

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