Retired Teacher Scoops £3.7 Million in the EuroMillions Lottery


A retired teacher from Birmingham landed a prize worth £3.7 million in the EuroMillions lottery and now she is busy making plans about what to do with her winnings.

The plans

69 year old Celeste Coles said that she wanted to ensure that her 38 year old daughter, Rachel, would have a secure future.

Her daughter suffers from Down Syndrome, so this is her first priority, after she scooped up a whopping £3,665,079 in the EuroMillions draw.

Apart from that, Celeste is also planning on traveling and has a rather ambitious list of destinations she wants to go to, including the Rocky Mountains and South America.

When she won the prize in July, she had already been planning on taking a trip to her navtive Barbados to see her family, so it was the first thing she did after she got the money in her bank account.

Since she has returned, she has been busy making plans about how she intends to enjoy her prize.

The win

The lucky winner had purchased her EuroMillions lottery ticket only minutes before sales had closed before the draw.

She said that she had checked her ticket at night around 11 o’clock and knew she had won something big. This was because she had been able to match five main numbers, along with one Lucky Star number.

Celeste revealed that she played the lottery every now and then, but had decided to buy a ticket because she had gotten an email in the afternoon that informed her about the large EuroMillions jackpot for the draw.

She remembered to buy a ticket only moments before sales closed and opted for a Lucky Dip ticket. She said that she had been about to go to bed when she decided to check the results of the draw.

The retired teacher said that she began ticking off the numbers one by one and by the time she got to the fifth, she knew it was a big one.

But, when she realized she had also matched a Lucky Star number, she knew the prize would be really big.

However, Celeste remained cool, had a glass of water and thought about what she would do. She said that she was probably in shock.

The aftermath

Other than Rachel, Celeste has another daughter named Nicola who is 32 years old and she contacted her immediately after she discovered the win.

Nicola brought up the subject of a scam, which left Celeste confused, but she had to wait to get in touch with lottery operator Camelot until the next morning.

She said that she had not been able to sleep at night and called Camelot in the morning. Only when Camelot confirmed the win did she start believing it.

The winner said that the best thing for her was that she is now financial security and her daughters can lead a comfortable life.

She also added that she would like to have a holiday house in Spain, which she hadn’t thought possible.

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