Four Lucky Players Win $10,000 Each Playing Delaware Lottery


Delaware is excited to bring the story of four lucky players to the front who have won decent prizes playing one of its highly played games. All four players had participated in the Dreamin’ XXL game powered by the Delaware lottery.

The Delaware Lottery is responsible for sharing happiness with the entire state by paying out decent prizes every week. The Dreamin’ XXL game produces many lottery winners on a weekly basis and this time, the game is bringing the story of four lucky players.

The first winner is a 30-year-old lady from Dagsboro who requested that her identity must be kept anonymous. The player had participated in the Dreamin’ XXL game and fortunately, the player had won $10,000 prize money playing the lucky game.

The player had luck going her way as she was playing the lottery game for the very first time in her life. She successfully scored a win and now has $10,000 extra in her bank account. The lucky player had purchased her $10,000 prize-winning ticket from Bodie’s Market #6, Dagsboro. The player stated that she is going to invest the money that she has won playing the Dreamin’ XXL game.

The second winner is a 31-year-old woman from Laurel, who is a social services supervisor by profession. The player had purchased three tickets for the Dreamin’ XXL game from Royal Farms #171, which is located on the Sussex Highway, Laurel. Out of the three tickets she purchased, only one ticket produced $10,000 prize money while the other two were dots.

The player stated she and her friends have been playing lottery games for a very long time to win a fortune. She stated that she had been winning small prizes here and there but this is the first time she has won decent prize money. The player stated she will be treating her friend and then she is going to make a down payment on her new house. The rest of the money would go towards the vacation she is planning with her friend.

The third winner is an 84-year-old woman from Seaford who has also won a $10,000 prize money playing the same game. The player had purchased her lucky ticket from Royal Farms #38, which is located in Seaford. Like the rest, the lucky woman had requested to keep her identity anonymous.

The player was very happy for winning such a decent amount during her old age. The player stated that winning huge prize money was an item from her bucket list. Now that she has won the prize, she can cross it out of her list. The player stated that the money she has will help her have an exciting time with her friends.

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