Lucky Man from Louisiana County Wins $1,000,000 Playing Virginia Lottery


The Virginia lottery team is proud to bring you the story of John Bevard, a lucky player that has won a fortune playing one of its top games. The lottery officials are super excited to know that it has helped another person plan well for his retirement.

As per the lottery officials, Bevard had participated in the “Extreme Millions” game, which is powered by the VA lottery and belongs to the scratcher family.

John Bevard is now among the richest lottery players in the entire Mineral area as he has won a whopping million dollar prize.

As per John Bevard, he had purchased the lucky ticket from Gulf Express. The Gulf Express shop is located on Davis Highway, Mineral. The particular store is also very excited as this is the first time someone from their store has purchased a ticket and has won a million dollars.

The player informed the officials he had not gone for a single ticket but three of them for Extreme Millions. Two out of the three tickets were duds but the third one proved fortunate for him and he ended up winning $1,000,000 from it.

The player informed that although he is a regular with the regular games, he had tried Extreme Millions for the first time. Therefore, he did not know exactly what symbols he had to look to see if he had won anything or not.

Bevard informed the officials that he scratched the cards while he was inside his car. As the third one showed some promising symbols, he went back to the store to see if they meant anything or not.

He went to the store and had the ticket checked by the clerk who was surprised as well as full of joy. Bevard stated that he was floored the moment the clerk told him about the win and the entire crowd in the store gathered to congratulate him.

The store manager also came to congratulate him and asked him to call the lottery officials straight away to claim the prize money.

The player informed the officials that he had been saving up money for his retirement which is just around the corner. Now, he has a boost that is going to help him through his old age. Bevard stated that he wants to spend the majority of the money towards his retirement and from some of the cash, he wishes to help out his children.

When Bevard visited the lottery office to claim his prize money, he was given two options to do it. The first one was to do it through installments for the next 30 years and the second one was the lump-sum figure of $657,030. Bevard preferred the latter option over the first one and took home $657,030 before tax deductions.

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