Two Lucky Players Playing Florida Lotto Games Win $2 Million in Total


The Florida Lotto is back with a bang and this time it has two exciting announcements to make for its lucky players. When someone playing the Florida Lotto wins the prize money, then it is good news for the entire lottery community.

However, the Florida Lotto’s moments become priceless when more than one players end up winning huge prizes playing the games it offers. The lottery operator has been around for a while and has been offering wonderful opportunities to lottery players.

The players have the opportunity to win from a few hundred dollars to millions. At times, if they are lucky enough then they can even win over a billion dollars.

By now, the entire world knows that lotteries are a game of luck and anyone can win a huge prize playing them at any time. The prize wins are something that happens on their own and no one has any power over who becomes the prize winner.

The prize winners are determined when the drawn numbers go in their favor or they end up scratching the life-changing tickets. It is all a matter of luck but the Florida Lotto helps by offering favorable odds. The probability of a payer winning a lottery prize through Florida Lotto is much more than winning a prize through any other lottery game.

This is the reason why the Florida Lotto has such high demand and player base. The best thing about the Florida Lotto is that it is constantly growing bigger and is offering even more winning opportunities to players.

This time, it has two individuals that found themselves benefiting from the opportunities they were given by the Florida Lotto.

According to the lottery officials, the name of the first player is John Wiggins, a 60-year-old resident of Cantonment. Wiggins had opted for the $5,000,000 Gold Rush game, which is a famous scratcher played all over Florida. The player had the best time of his life when the ticket he scratched showed he had won $1,000,000.

Playing the lottery games for such a long time, Wiggins knew he had the option of taking home a lump sum payment instead of going for an annuity or monthly installment plan.

Wiggins went for the one-time lump sum amount that was reported $710,000. Wiggins had purchased his lucky ticket from Tom Thumb, a store located at 6495 North West Street, Pensacola.

The next lottery prize winner is Michelle De Vincent, a 69-year-old woman from Naples. Vincent had gone for the Cash Club game that brought her a million-dollar reward. The player went for the one-time lump sum amount of $880,000.

Vincent had purchased her lucky ticket from the Publix Store, which is located at 2450 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Naples.

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