Lucky Lott Player from Thurgoona Finally Comes Out as Winner of $1.4 Million Prize


The Lott is glad to announce it has finally gotten hold of the lucky winner that had won a huge prize playing one of its major games. The lucky mother is from Thurgoona, New South Wales (NSW) who had participated in Lott’s major lottery game “Saturday Lotto”.

Initially, the team had no idea how they were going to contact the player and inform her about the win. The reason was that the player had not registered herself or her win on the Lott platform at all. This made it almost impossible for the Lott officials to get a hold of the winner and talk to her about the win.

However, it had become obvious in a few days that it was going to be the player who was going to contact them about the win. As she was not registering her winning ticket, so they had no way of getting in touch with her.

As per Lott, the ticket that the player had purchased was for the draw held on Saturday, June 19, 2021. The player had opted for the draw number 4165 for the Saturday Lotto game.

Lucky for the player, she ended up winning the division one prize for the Saturday Lotto. Surprisingly, the lucky woman from Thurgoona was not the only player that had won the division one prize money for the particular draw. A total of 14 players had won division one prize from the particular draw of the Saturday Lotto.

The lottery officials have reported that the lucky player had won $1,428,571.43 in total from the particular draw. The officials informed that the only detail they had around the winner was the store she had purchased the lucky ticket from.

The Thurgoona woman had purchased her lucky ticket from Thurgoona Plaza Newsagency. The particular newsagency is located on Shop 9, Thurgoona Plaza, 10 Shutter Avenue, Thurgoona.

Initially, the lottery officials were okay with the player not making any contact as it is usual for people to realize their wins after a couple of days. However, it had been five days in the case of the Thurgoona player, as she had not made an appearance or any communication with them.

Finally, the operators received the call from the Thurgoona player enquiring about her win and confirming if the prize was real. The player informed the officials she had no idea about the win until one of her kids reminded her of the game.

That is when she checked the ticket after five days and got it checked from the store. There, she was asked to contact the lottery officials for the prize inquiry. Lucky for her, she had just become a millionaire playing the particular lottery game.

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