Million Dollar DC Scratchers Prize Winner Shows Up To Claim the Prize


Out of the 44 states in the United States offering lotteries to their citizens, DC is also one of the major lotteries playing their role. The lottery has been known for helping thousands and millions of people make fortunes and earn prizes.

The lottery games offered by the DC Lottery are in rotation throughout the year and every time a draw is held, a player emerges as the jackpot prize winner.

Similar to the other 43 states running lottery games in the United States, the DC Lottery also aims for all its winners to claim their prizes. The DC Lottery states that the players spend their hard-earned money and savings to buy lottery tickets with hopes to win prizes.

If the players get lucky and do end up winning a prize, then it is their right to come up and claim their rewards. This is the reason why the DC Lottery encourages the winners of the prizes to come up and claim their prizes before the prize claim period ends.

Another very common reason why many prizes remain unclaimed only to expire is that people forget to check their tickets after purchasing them. Most of the time, people are not that much interested in lotteries thinking that it is just a waste of money.

As per the DC Lottery, this is the kind of perception that leads to the lotteries losing a lot of players every year. However, they are trying their best to ensure that each player claims their prize and shows to the entire lottery or potential lottery community that the prize giveaways are indeed authentic.

Recently, the DC Lottery had posted information on their site regarding one of the players for the DC Scratchers Game. The winner of the $1,000,000 prize was still unknown and the prize claim period was closing in on its expiration.

The draw for the particular draw was held on February 11, 2020, by the DC Lottery that generated a million-dollar prize winner.

The DC Lottery had shared the details of the store where the lucky ticket was sold from in hopes that the player will come to realize and check their tickets before it is too late.

The DC Lottery revealed that the name of the store was JJ Liquor – Joseph Yoon Inc. that was located at 1211 Brentwood Road (NE). The name of the million-dollar prize winner is Mrs. Song Yoon who seemed extremely excited when she visited the DC Lottery office to claim her prize.

With the win claimed by Mrs. Song Yoon, there are now two more $1,000,000 prizes for the DC Scratchers game that is yet to be claimed.

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