Another Educator Awarded with Excellence in Education Award by the Michigan Lottery


For years, the Michigan Lottery has been practicing an award system that is known to honor the educators from the entire state of Michigan. The award serves as a token of appreciation and encouragement from the MI Lottery for the educators whose efforts are recognized higher among other educators.

The Excellence in Education Award is given out by the Michigan Lottery every week to any educator from MI whose performance and dedication earn them the spotlight among other educators.

The last award given out by the MI Lottery was to an educator who is from Livingston County. The educator is known among her students as someone who understands the feelings of her students. She is known to have built up a trust relationship with all her students. This is why most of her students seek her guidance in whatever decision they are having a hard time making.

The name of the Livingston County Educator is Lindsay Feig who is currently teaching at ‘Natalie Kreeger Elementary. Lindsay Feig currently teaches at Natalie Kreeger Elementary as a third-grade teacher. The Natalie Kreeger Elementary is part of the Community Schools that are backed by Fowlerville.

The Excellence in Education Award was launched by the Michigan Lottery back in 2014 to honor the educators from the entire MI State to honor them and their contribution towards the education sector. The performance of the educators is gauged throughout the year by the MI Lottery before the awards are given out.

The MI Lottery has revealed the prizes and the honors that the educators receive from the weekly Excellence in Education Award. The educators winning the weekly Education Award are awarded a plaque as well as a $1,500 cash prize.

In addition to the plaque and the prize, the classroom, school district, or the school are given a grant of $500.

These weekly awards are just the building blocks of the bigger award and a bigger prize in the form of the ‘Educator of the Year’ award. The runner ups for this annual award are the educators from the weekly ‘Excellence in Education Award’.

One of the educators from the weekly award winners will be randomly selected for the ‘Educator of the Year’ award. The MI Lottery has confirmed that the winner of the ‘Educator of the Year’ award would be given prize money of $10,000.

In addition to the cash prize, the winner of the annual award also gets their name feature on media channels that are partners with the MI Lottery. Some of the prominent media channels include FOX 17 in Grand Rapids, WXYZ-TV in Detroit, FOX 47 in Lansing, and WNEM-TV in Saginaw.

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