Faulty Christmas tree Lights Make Woman from Yorktown a Lottery Winner


Who would not get angry if they spent so much time and effort into getting a Christmas tree and things would not seem to go their way? Something very similar happened to a woman from Yorktown (VA) whose bad day turned out to be the luckiest of her life.

The worst part during the Christmas Holidays is electronics ‘Christmas tree lights’ in particular turning bad and not working. Phyllis Houston found herself facing the same kind of scenario and was not at all happy about the situation.

She knew that she had to go outside, spend more money, and buy new lights for the Christmas tree. Because of the Virginia Lottery, Phyllis Houston has received the best Christmas Gift of her life in the form of a lottery prize.

Phyllis Houston was extremely happy and thrilled about her win and said that she is happy that her Christmas tree lights went bad.

She stated when she found out that the lights had gone out of order, it was her first priority to get to the shop and buy them right away. All annoyed with the situation, Phyllis visited Home Depot to buy new lights for the Christmas tree.

After buying the lights, she had no other plans so decided to come straight home. However, on her way home, she felt like visiting the Wawa store that was in her way. While doing some shopping there, Phyllis came across a panel for the Virginia Lottery.

She stated that she could not get her eyes off of the ‘Cash 5 with EZ Match’ game for the VA Lottery so she decided to try her luck. She bought a few tickets and started scratching them one by one.

Phyllis told the lottery officials that she could not believe that she had actually won a lottery prize on one of the tickets she had bought. The player told that she would it terrific and wonderful.

At one point, she thought it was going to be the worst Christmas ever and now she is thinking exactly the opposite of it.

The Wawa store where Phyllis Houston bought the lucky ticket is situated at 2610 George Washington Memorial Highway (Yorktown).

Phyllis also told that she went for the ‘Easy Pick’ option while purchasing the tickets. The ‘Easy Pick’ option lets the computer randomly choose the playing numbers for you. One of her tickets ended up matching all five sets of lucky numbers that were 10-17-18-34-38 for the draw that was held on November 25, 2020.

The lucky ticket that she had purchased ended up winning Phyllis a lottery jackpot prize worth $171,685. In the end, Phyllis stated that she is lucky enough to have had her Christmas lights turning bad because if it had not happened, she would not have been out of her house in the first place.

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