Pennsylvania Lottery Reveals Total Payouts That it gave away in November


The Pennsylvania Lottery has finally released the data around the prizes that its winners of the scratch-off games managed to claim in the month of November 2020. The PA Lottery revealed that the total prizes it paid out to its scratch-off winners in November were $193,028,324.

The PA Lottery has revealed that it also gave out three top prizes that were worth $1 Million each. It also revealed the name of the counties that the million-dollar prize winners came from.

The PA Lottery has informed that the winners of the million-dollar prizes belonged to counties including Chester, Snyder, and Beaver.

The lottery officials of PA also congratulated the stores where the tickets for the million-dollar prize-winning tickets were sold from.

There were three different stores that sold the million-dollar prizes. The PA Lottery appreciated the efforts of all is retailers who are constantly trying their best to promote the PA Lottery and sell as many lottery tickets to their regular customers as possible.

The first ticket that managed to win the $1 million prize was sold from Walmart. It is located at 3942 Brodhead Road, Monaca (Beaver County).

The second ticket that managed to win the $1 million prize was sold from Rite Aid. It is located at 1249 West Chester Pike, West Chester (Chester County).

The third ticket and the last ticket that managed to win the $1 million prize was sold from the Quick Shop. The shop is located at 5429 Route 522, Kreamer (Snyder County).

Apart from the $1 Million prizes, the PA Lottery also revealed the prize amounts of some of the big prizes that were claimed by the winners. PA Lottery confirmed that all these prizes were claimed by the winners in the month of November for the draws held in November.

Apart from the million-dollar prizes, there were prizes worth $500,000 that were claimed by the winners. To be precise, there were a total of 5 prizes for $500k each.

There was one prize for $250,000 and one prize for $150,000 respectively. Then there were eight different prizes given out by the PA Lottery to eight lucky winners worth $100,000 each.

The PA Lottery informed all its players and followers that it posts the list of all the winners on their website who win prizes worth more than $1,000.

The PA Lottery also communicated some important information related to its prizes that it currently has in place for its scratch-off games. At present, the players have the opportunity to win a free ticket or go all the way up to win the jackpot prize that is $3 Million.

The eligibility age for playing the Pennsylvania Lottery and claim the prize is 18 or older.

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