An Instant Ticket Wins a Man from Garnett a $75,000 Prize


Among all the lotteries and games offered by the state-lotteries from the entire U.S.A., the Kansas lottery is known for its instant games. By playing Kansas Lottery’s instant games, thousands of people are making huge bucks and helping their loved ones with prizes they make.

The Kansas Lottery is helping so many people change their lives forever and is determined to continue with its trend.

Just recently, the Kansas Lottery revealed the story of a man who got the best surprise of his life. It was a man from Tennessee who was lucky enough to bag a huge win after playing one of Kansas Lottery’s games.

The Kansas Lottery confirmed that the player was able to win a prize money of $75,000 through an instant ticket. The instant game that the man chose the ticket for is ‘Jewel Jackpot’ that is powered by the Kansas Lottery.

The winner of the prize money was very happy and thrilled for bagging the win and sounded very enthusiastic while sharing the story of his win.

The winner ‘Brien Fox’ told Kansas Lottery that he is fond of hunting and goes to Kansas whenever he feels like hunting. Brien stated that it was again one of his hunting trips to Kansas where he made a stop at the gas station. Brien stated that the gas station was located in Garnett, Kansas.

Brien told the lottery that he did not have plans to buy the ‘Jewel Jackpot’ tickets at first. He already had the lottery tickets for the ‘Holiday Lucky Times’. He said that he wanted to buy one ticket for $5 and another one for $10.

However, the shopkeeper told him that he had run out of the tickets for the Holiday Lucky Times game. With no other option left, Brien decided to buy the $10 Jewel Jackpot instant game ticket.

Brien said that at first, he was not excited about buying the ticket at all as he had never played the game. To his surprise and astonishment, the ticket had won him a prize money of $75,000.

Brien said that he started scratching-off the ticket while he was filling up his car with fuel. He said that the ticket showed him three diamonds meaning that he had won a prize of $75,000 as per the description.

The winner wasted no time and called his wife to share this exciting news with her. He said that his wife was as shocked as he was and was not willing to believe him. He then jokingly took a scan of the ticket and sent it to her with instructions where he had to go collect the prize money from.

Brien Fox told that he has plans of paying off his student loans with the prize money that he won and keep the rest of the money as savings.

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