A Couple from Thibodaux wins $200,000


It is common that in the Christmas season, it is the kids that pray and wish for presents and surprises. This is what the Christmas season is all about as people tend to exchange presents and gifts with each other showing their love and affection.

However, no lottery is better than the Louisiana Lottery when it comes to giving away huge presents and spreading happiness. As soon as the Christmas season hits, people start winning huge prizes through the Louisiana Lottery.

The best part is that the number of players and ticket sales has been all-time high during the Christmas period. However, this year is something else as the Louisiana Lottery has reported an enormous surge in its sales and user-base.

This time, the Louisiana Lottery has helped a couple from Thibodaux have the best Christmas of their life and be able to invite their entire family and friends for it.

The Louisiana Lottery has revealed that the couple managed to win a prize of $200,000 from Louisiana Lottery’s Scratch-off game. The couple Americo and Kathryn Simoncelli told the Louisiana Lottery that they were very excited and happy about their win. They told that they will be spending their holidays filled with joy and the same goes for their life from this point onwards.

Kathryn Simoncelli told her story of how she was lucky enough to have won a prize worth $200,000. She told that although she is not a regular, yet she likes to play it every now and then.

The winner told that she was out for grocery shopping when she remembered that she had recently bought a Louisiana lottery ticket for an old game. When she checked it, she found out that she had won a $10 prize from that ticket.

She then decided to make a quick stop to cash her prize. Kathryn told that she was with her family when she visited the Convenience King #5 store. While at the store, she cashed her $10 prize and stumbled upon the lottery display for the Louisiana Scratch-Off lottery.

The player said the moment she looked at it, she knew that she had to buy the ticket. So she went ahead and bought one scratch-off ticket for $10 adding a 50x option to the ticket.

Kathryn told the Louisiana Lottery that she had not expected to win such a large amount but is thankful that she did. She said that she shocked and surprised to see that she had won a $200,000 prize. The player said that at first, they thought they had won $50 when she saw the 50x symbol on the ticket.

The couple decided to opt for the one-time lump sum payment of $142,000 that they received after federal and state tax deductions.

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