An Instant Prize from the Kansas Lottery Makes a Woman Rich and Happy


As always, the Kansas Lottery has managed to make another lottery player richer and change the player’s life forever. As part of its tradition, the Kansas Lottery always tries to promote the winners as much as possible. The reason why the Kansas Lottery does it is to encourage more people to play lottery games and try their luck.

The Kansas Lottery has confirmed that their strategy seems to have been marking as their sales are increasing with every passing year. This year, however, the Kansas Lottery has informed that they have not seen many players trying their luck.

The Kansas Lottery stated that the credit for this kind of outcome goes to the COVID-19 Pandemic. There are thousands of families in Kansas that have lost their jobs and businesses because of the pandemic. This has rendered people without any resources or sources from where they can make money.

This has resulted in a large number of lottery players not playing games and trying their lucks because they cannot afford to.

However, the Kansas Lottery is urging such players to try their luck with hopes that it can make a difference to these families.

Just recently, the Kansas Lottery has shared information about a woman who was able to win a handsome prize through one of its lottery games. The name of the winner is Jessica Martin who is a resident of Atchison City.

The player was able to win the top prize for the Kansas Lottery’s ‘Lucky 7s’ game. Jessica Martin told the lottery officials that she had purchased a Lucky 7s ticket and added the ‘Tripler’ option to it. This made the ticket worth $5.

Jessica Martin also shared her story of how one thing led to another and she ended up winning the top prize of $27,777. The winner told that she was at the Overland Park clinic along with her grandmother who was going through treatment there.

As her grandmother was going through the treatment, she was sitting all bored so she decided to go to a convenience store. Jessica told that she is a regular lottery player and tends to spend some of her money on lottery tickets almost every month.

As she went inside the convenience store, she went straight for the lottery display panel and purchased a bunch of scratch-off tickets for the ‘Luck 7s’ game.

Jessica Martin told the Kansas Lottery that whenever she goes to buy lottery tickets, she always buys 16 tickets. However, this time she decided to buy fewer tickets and apply more options to the ones she was purchasing.

Her trick worked out and she was able to win the top prize of $27,777 from one of the tickets while the rest were bad.

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