A Powerball ticket worth $150,000 Sold in Carbon County


In the latest reports, the Pennsylvania Lottery has shared the details of a ticket that has turned out to be fortunate for a lottery player from PA. The lottery informed that the prize-winning ticket sold was for the Powerball game that was upsized with the Power Play option.

The PA Lottery confirmed that the ticket belonged to the Powerball draw that was held on December 2, 2020. When the draw was held, it turned out that the lucky ticket had maned to make the player $150,000 richer.

The lucky numbers are drawn on December 2, 2020, for the particular ticket were 28-31-40-41-46. On top of the initial 5 sets of numbers, another set of numbers ‘04’ was drawn as the Powerball. The lucky ticket that won the $150,000 prize managed to match 4 sets of the lucky numbers.

The PA Lottery confirmed that initially, the ticket would have managed to win a prize of only $50,000. However, the player was lucky enough to have added a Power Play option to the prize money offered. As a result, the ticket ended up winning more than the amount that was mentioned and the final prize money was $150,000.

The PA Lottery encourages all its players to add the Power Play option to their tickets. The reason is that it only costs the players an extra dollar to add the Power Play option to their ticket and increase their chances of winning more than the initial prize money.

The PA Lottery has also confirmed the name and the location of the store where the $150,000 winning Powerball ticket was sold from.

The name of the store that sold the $150k prize-winning Powerball ticket is Leffler’sExpress. The Leffler’s Express is located at 1103 North Street, Jim Thorpe (PA). The Lottery also revealed that the store will also be receiving an incentive bonus for selling the prize-winning ticket.

As per the PA Lottery, the store will be receiving an incentive bonus of $500 for selling the $150,000 prize-winning ticket.

Among all 44 states currently operating in the United States, the Pennsylvania Lottery is considered as one of the top lottery backing states in America. Each lottery game launched and run by the PA Lottery is responsible for giving away millions worth of prizes to the lottery players.

For the draw held on December 2, 2020, for the Powerball Lottery, the PA Lottery has confirmed that there were more than 27,700 players who ended up winning different amounts of prizes.

For the PA Lottery, once a draw has been held and the winners have been announced, they have 1 year’s time to show up and claim their prize. If the prize claiming date expires then the prize money goes towards charities.

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