A Million Dollar Prize-Winning Scratch-Off Ticket Sold in Berks County


Although the entire year 2020 was filled with problems, tensions, and downfalls for the global economy, its end is now turning out to be fortunate. When it comes to news that has turned out to be the headliners, it is the discovery of the vaccine for the coronavirus.

Then after coronavirus, the second big news is the PA Lottery’s recent big wins and prizes that are given out to its lucky lottery winners. Although it is a trend that the ticket sales for the PA Lottery go sky-rocket during the Christmas season, yet this year has been something else.

The PA Lottery has reported that it never experienced such a high number of lottery players in its entire history as it has seen in the current year’s Christmas season.

The PA Lottery has informed that with increased sales, there are more opportunities and chances for players to win even more prizes and multiple grand prizes.

Recently, the PA Lottery has revealed the information about a lottery ticket that managed to hit a jackpot. However, the winner of the prize is yet to make an appearance and claim his/her prize. Therefore, the PA Lottery has taken it upon itself to provide some information around the winning ticket.

The PA Lottery clarified that it has now become a common practice for PA Lottery to reveal the information of tickets/players who have won prizes but are yet to make an appearance.

The reason behind the PA Lottery advertising the information of the winners is to encourage the players to come forth and claim their prizes. In addition to the information around the winning ticket, the PA Lottery also reveals the name and the location of the store where the lucky ticket is sold from.

The PA Lottery reveals store details as a token of appreciation and in addition to this, it also gives an incentive bonus to the store for selling the prize-winning ticket.

This time again the PA Lottery has practiced its tradition of revealing the information of a ticket that has won a million-dollar prize. The $1 Million prize-winning tickets was part of the ‘Scratch-Off’ game backed by the PA Lottery.

The PA Lottery has confirmed that the lucky ticket was sold in Berks County. The store that sold the $1 Million prize-winning ‘Scratch-Off’ ticket was sold from Redner’s Quick Shoppe. The Redner’s Quick Shoppe is located at 6719 Bernville Road, Bernville and it has received an incentive bonus of $5,000 for selling the prize-winning ticket.

The PA Lottery has confirmed that the ticket for its ‘Scratch-Off’ game costs $20 and the jackpot prize it offers is $1 Million. Once the draw has taken place, the winners have 1 year time to claim their prize after which it expires and is sent to charities.

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