The $1,000,000 Idaho Raffle Has Been Sold Out


The Idaho Lottery recently made a very joyful announcement for the players of the $1,000,000 raffle. The Idaho Lottery has revealed that it has managed to sell-out all the tickets for the million-dollar raffle. As a result of the sellout for the million-dollar raffle, the firm has made further announcements.

The Idaho Lottery has stated that one lucky player of the million-dollar raffle will be enjoying his/her Christmas to the fullest. The player will be getting more than he/she hoped to get and will be getting the best Christmas present.

The Idaho Lottery revealed that it printed 250,000 tickets for the traditional game powered by the Idaho Lottery itself. The Idaho Lottery confirmed that all of the 250,000 tickets for the million-dollar raffle have been sold.

After the sellout of all the tickets for the million-dollar raffle, the Idaho Lottery has closed the game officially. The Idaho Lottery informed that the last (250,000th) ticket for the million-dollar raffle was sold on December 4, 2020.

Following the sellout of all the tickets for the raffle, the Idaho Lottery has stated it will not be issuing any more tickets. The lottery also revealed that the number of ticket sales surged towards the end of the closure of the game. There were over 35,000 tickets that were sold in the last 7 days of when the game was closed officially by the lottery.

The Idaho Lottery has revealed that this is the 13th time when the lottery has managed to sell out all the tickets for the draw. Furthermore, it is the 5th time when all the tickets have been sold out for the holiday (Christmas) game.

The Idaho Lottery was proud to reveal even more information around the recent sellout of the million-dollar raffle. As per Idaho Lottery, there has not been any raffle that managed to be sold-out faster than the current raffle. The current raffle only managed to stay on the market for 45-days before being closed officially due to the sellout.

In response to the sellout, the Idaho Lottery took the opportunity to thank all entities involved in making this happen. The Idaho Lottery thanked its players as well as the Idaho Lottery retailers for always supporting and promoting it.

The Idaho Lottery encouraged all its players to keep the million-dollar raffle tickets safe and protected. It informed that the draw for the $1,000,000 raffle will be held right after Christmas and one player will emerge as the millionaire.

The winning numbers for the $1,000,000 raffle will be announced on December 28, 2020, at 21:59 (MT) and the channels that will announce the results live would be KTFT, KTVB, and the News Channel 7.

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