Lexington Man Wins $1 Million Prize in Powerball Lottery


A lucky man from Kentucky won a prize of a whopping $1,000,000 in the Kentucky Lottery Powerball draw. The man was able to take home a total sum of $710,000 after paying taxes.

The winning ticket

The winning ticket had been bought on Abagail Way at Crossroads IGA back in August and the lucky winner was able to match the first five numbers to win the second prize in the Powerball lottery.

The winner informed the lottery officials that he has been playing the same combination of numbers for years and they are just a combination of family birthdays.

A bonus of $10,000 would also be paid out to Crossroads IGA as they sold the winning Powerball ticket.

The discovery

The lucky winner revealed that he checks his tickets every now and then and a stack of tickets had piled up that went as far back as June.

Therefore, he decided to go through the entire stack on Monday night. He disclosed that he had already gone through 40 tickets and was only left with five to determine if he had won anything.

He said that he was checking the numbers on his phone when he stumbled across those that he has been playing on a regular basis.

He then checked the ticket and confirmed the date in order to ensure it was correct. He said that he could not believe it and had yelled for his family to come and check it.

His family took the ticket and then ran a Google search to figure out how much a player wins if they are able to match the five numbers except for the Powerball number.

They told the winner that he had won a million dollars and he could not believe it. He revealed that he had to ask himself if it was a dream.

The winner was also asked about what he plans on doing with his winnings. He said that his family may give some thought to purchasing a new home.

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