GD Lotto (Grand Dragon Lottery) Asia – Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia & Vietnam

The GD Lotto which is also known as the Grand Dragon Lottery games is a major lottery operator in Asia.


The Grand Dragon Lotto games are played in Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia & Vietnam and also in a few other Asian countries but most of the people buying tickets for GD Lotto games play from the country of Malaysia.

GD Lotto Bet

5 Betting Choices – Grand Dragon Lottery games include 5 separate draws which are named: 4D Big, 4D Small, 4D Single A, 3D ABC and 3D A.

Prize CategoryEvery $1 on 4D (BIG)Every $1 on 4D (SMALL)Every $1 on 4D A (4A)Every $1 on 3D ABCEvery $1 on 3D A
1st Prize$ 2,500.00$ 3,500.00$ 6,000.00$ 250.00$ 660.00
2nd Prize$ 1,000.00$ 2,000.00$ 210.00
3rd Prize$ 500.00$ 1,000.00$ 150.00
Starter Prize$ 200.00
Consolation Prize$ 60.00

Grand Dragon Lotto Rules and Prizes