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What is an Online Lottery Platform?


Online lottery platforms are web based software and technologies that were invented and developed by some of the most innovative minds in the online gaming and gambling industry. Online lottery is not a new thing but only in recent years have developers realized that by creating a genuine platform can they offer platform services and white label offers to people who are looking to start their own online lottery brand. Today it is easy and simple to use one of the leading platforms and start your own white label online lotto company, using ready technologies, software and services of the leading platform providers and online marketing services for lead generation.

What Are The Leading Platforms?

The following are the leading online lottery platform providers:

  2. Kootac
  3. PlayTech
  4. LottoYard
  5. LottoNetix
  6. WinnersGroup

Which One is The Best Platform?

We are in the process of researching this exact question and we will tell you what we have found out ASAP.

How To Start an Online Lottery White Label?

Starting your own online lottery ticket selling website, company and white-label is very simple. All you need to do is contact one of the leading platform providers to get started. You can be swimming in cash money within a few months after your website is launched. The popular online lottery websites make millions of dollars in revenue each month by selling lottery tickets online.

What Other Technologies, Services and Software Will I Need?

You will have to use a few more technologies and software such as Cell Expert for affiliate campaigns marketing. You may also want to hire a team of marketing experts for your online lottery marketing and branding campaigns. You will also need to have a strong CMS and backoffice, some of the platform providers will be able to provide you with a genuine CMS or you can use WordPress integration or build your own website and CMS from scratch. These technologies are widely available and solutions vary between providers.

online lottery platform
online lottery platform

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