Online Lottery White Label

What is a White Label?

A white label is a brand that works by using the technology and services of an existing company. For example if you are selling lottery tickets online and have made your own innovative online platform, using the best technology, built a unique website with a great back-office and CMS and you want to grow bigger without having to over-grow your workforce, you can offer white-label sollutions and other brands can start selling lottery tickets online, using your own existing technologies. This is called a white-label.

What is Online Lottery?

The online lottery industry which is relatively new has spawned a bucket-full of platforms, technologies, companies, brands and white-label brands that are using existing technologies to start an online venture. these businesses are selling scanned lottery tickets online, via concierge and messenger services. The most popular and respected online lottery service “TheLotter” has their own unique platform, back-office and CMS but does not offer white-label solutions and services. Companies like “TheLotter”, and for example “WinTrillions“, successfully sell thousands of lottery tickets on a daily basis, racking up revenues and giving lotto players from around the world the ability to play overseas lotteries with bigger jackpots. When the USA Powerball lottery jackpot grew to $1.6 billion at the end of 2015, hundreds of thousands of tickets were sold online.

Can an Online Lottery White Label Make Money?

It is easy today to start an online lottery white label. Companies such a “IceLotto” and “LottoSend” can facilitate this for you. You can use their online lottery platform, start your own online lottery affiliate program, and start using an online marketing company that specializes in online lottery marketing, get your sales team up and running and in no time your online lottery white label website will start making tons of money. Some of the white-label brands make up to $1 million a month and more in revenues. Each online lottery white-label can choose how to price their tickets and groups in order to thicken their profits.

What is The Best Brand to Get a White Label With?

As we said earlier on in this article, there are a hand full of companies offering white-label services, technologies, platforms, services and solutions. namely “LottoSend” and IceLotto”. But which is best? This question is not a simple one to answer. no matter which company you choose to use for your white-label, you will need to have a strong marketing campaign, a sales team that knows how to convert online lottery leads in multiple languages and a retention team that keeps the players live and buying more tickets. The technologies for starting a white-label are readily available and you will have to choose which one suits your needs best. You can read more about platforms Here.

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