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EuroJackpot Lottery: News And Winners

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For many people, playing the lottery is a regular thing, so much that it has become a habit for some. Whether the lottery be as small as a scratch off, or it be as big as a powerball ticket, many people enjoy the small thrill that is involved in the slight chance that they can make any money.

One of the biggest lotteries out of Europe is EuroJackpot, a lottery that can be accessed by european convenience stores, or for those in non-European countries, though the internet.

If you are wondering about the current events for EuroJackpot, which includes new terms or guidelines, as well as recent winners, then here is some of the latest happenings.

What About EuroJackpot Headlines?

One of the biggest chances to EuroJackpot is the ability to access the lottery almost globally. With the implementation of “Lottoland” & ““which are a separate service, EuroJackpot is now able to be accessed by those in the UK and the US, as well as some other countries.

Usually EuroJackpot is usually limited to convenience stores that populate the European countries.

We recommend Lottosend & LottoAgent as the best option when playing online, as they have been trusted as being reliable and protected from hackers and con artists.

EuroJackpot not only allows for online play now, but it also has had some other major changes both on the website, and to the company itself.

For one, in a news article posted January 1, 2015, marking the new start to 2015, EuroJackpot detailed the emergence of even bigger winnings, and a growth to the company as a whole.

Dubbed the “best European lottery service ever” by the company, EuroJackpot is targeting about 53 million more people than their rival EuroMillions, for 2015.

EuroJackpot’s next draw is scheduled to be pulled Friday May 15, with each draw being on Friday of each week, once per week.

With a bigger jackpot, and a larger crowd, as well as better calculated odds, many may be switching over to EuroJackpot to join the hundreds of winners who have won.

What Are The Win Statistics?

While names are absent from the result statistics of recent winnings, their take from the lottery is visible. The last winners of last week on Friday, May 8th, was with 2 winners taking the second largest portions of lottery, and others taking the remaining spots.

Nobody had the honors of claiming the prime “jackpot” spot at 90.000.000,00 Euro, though two people were lucky enough to take the second largest take at 4.323,237,070.

Last weeks top spot was higher than the week before (May 1st) since the week before had the largest jackpot at 75,000,000,00. In the month of April, the top spots were even lower, which means that each week is seeing a raise in the highest jackpot totals.

On April 3, 2015, the top spot was left alone again, with 5 people taking the second place honors at 4.320.240,00 Euros for reward. According to the website, there are many “hot and cold numbers”. Hot numbers are the numbers that are picked often, whilst cold numbers are usually once not picked often.

They list 25, 18, and 32, to be the hottest numbers, with their picks being 23 times in the last year.

January 2nd had the lowest yield of jackpot winnings, with the top prize being 10,000,000,00.

The last jackpot winner for the highest prize was on February 20, 2015, with the win total being 49,670,283,00 Euros. Since that jackpot win, there has not been a single person who has won the jackpot at the number one spot.

While more have won the second values, even those values have been routinely untouched or unclaimed.

Playing this lottery, like the many others that are also offered, will require the best of luck, since no skill is needed.

While strategies and tips can be found, and in some cases, may bring you closer to winning, it is all pure luck when it comes down to it.

Apparently EuroJackpot is among the best for win rates, in fact they are about double the chances that EuroMillion has. While EuroMillion has more jackpots offered, as well as a higher jackpot vale, EuroJackpot has a 1 in 95,344,200 chance, whereas EuroMillion has about a 1 in 116,531,800 chance of winning.

While both are extremely hard to get, EuroJackpot has a better chance of winning for the person. A pick on the day of April 6, 2015, for example, benefited many people. While no one got the top value of 51,000,000,000, six people were able to claim the second prize at 313,607,010 Euros.