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LottoSend is one of the leading online lottery websites that has employees and offices in the different parts of the world. It allows the player to purchase lottery tickets for different international lotteries with big jackpots. Thus, it is considered as one of the official re-sellers of Australian Lotteries in which you will have the assurance that you are using a legitimate site.

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Online Lottery Sign Up
Online Lottery Sign Up

Website Age: 12 Years
Lotteries: 15 different lottery games
Type: remote and secure concierge service for remote lottery ticket purchase and pickup
Affiliations: EU-Logistik-Transport, a.s

How to Win at LottoSend?

By choosing LottoSend, you can ensure that they will not ask you for fees or a percentage of your winnings once you win the jackpot price. Your jackpot winning tickets will be claimed in person and the winning price will be directly transferred in your own account. For you to withdraw your money from your account, your bank will be the one responsible in transferring it. Once it is transferred in your account, just go to “My Account” then click withdraw and enjoy your winning price.

Why Choose LottoSend?

There are lots of reasons why you need to choose this website instead of others. Among these reasons is the great customer service they can offer to you. They have a live chat for all the customers. You can also contact them through phone and get the immediate response you need. Also, there services are available 24/7, so you will always feel welcome to visit their site.

Apart from that, they can offer you 50 types of payment methods wherein you can choose which is the most convenient one for you. Furthermore, your security is their top priority in playing online and so, this site is protected by the COMODO Security as well as 128 SSL security. Additionally, they have 6 major languages that are available in case you have some questions for them that can help you understand their offerings more and clearly show the lottery results. They can also provide you some bonuses if you are new to their site wherein you will find it beneficial for you. Having all of these, LottoSend is proven to be trustworthy and reliable when it comes to providing lottery services.

More info: LottoSend is one of the most popular online lottery messenger service platforms. LottoSend services over 500 thousand worldwide lottery players that play lottery games from all over the globe. Online Lottery Shop give this provider a 4/5 star rating. Their customer service is superb and their platform is simple and easy to use! They also have a great buy 1 get 1 free promotion for all customers.

Is LottoSend a Scam? Is LottoSend Safe? LottoSend is %100 Legit and Trustworthy!

We have done the searching and checking for you and we have come to the conclusion that LottoSend is %100 trustworthy and legit. LottoSend is NOT a scam and you can be safe knowing that when you hit a big jackpot prize after buying a ticket on the LottoSend online lottery website, you will get your winnings in full. If you search online for any LottoSend complaints you will not be able to find any and if you go through their website and read all of the small prints you will see that there are no games or hidden fees.

LottoSend is Legit!

If you want to purchase your tickets online, then LottoSend is one of the best places to buy tickets!

LottoSend Winners

Last updated on December 1st, 2017
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