Lottosend Winner – Lottosend Player From Finland Wins $50,000 in US Powerball Lottery

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Playing the lottery is exciting, and winning it is even more amazing. Thanks to technology you can play the lottery online, and guess what? It doesn’t even have to be in your own country anymore.

There have long been difficulties in claiming your prize when you play online, even if you get around the initial rules- you can’t claim a win unless you’re a resident of the country where you’re playing the lottery.

USA Powerball Lottery Game - Buy Tickets Online

This is where LottoSend comes in. LottoSend is an amazing tool that allows users from across the world to purchase lottery tickets in other countries. If you live in America and you’ve watched the eye watering sums of the Euro Millions rise you can get in on the action. Likewise, if you live in a European country and have long been interested in playing the US lottery, or the Irish lottery- you can!

It’s super easy to use, you simply sign up for an account and buy the tickets you want from the country you’re interested in playing in. A representative will then go out to buy those tickets on your behalf and scan them into your account so that you can view your ticket and numbers. Your tickets will be checked by LottoSend as soon as the lottery has been drawn, and if you are a big winner you will be contacted directly. For secondary or smaller wins, the winnings will be placed in your account automatically.

How great a service is LottoSend? Just ask Taina Kuivanen, a 59-year-old woman from Finland who just won $50,000 playing the US Powerball Lottery. Her big win came when 1 of the 5 tickets she had purchased from LottoSend matched 4 of the numbers drawn plus the Powerball number. She bought just 5 tickets from LottoSend for only $27.50 and got the surprise of her life when she got a notification that $50,000 had been transferred to her online account.

Taina Kuivanen works 40 hours a week in her native Finland, and as a single woman it can be a struggle to get by on her salary alone. She works hard, she has bills to pay, and life can be tough, just like it is for everyone.

Taina Kuivanen treats herself to a flutter on the lottery every month and often chooses to play the US Powerball. Every month she sets aside enough money to buy those 5 tickets and hopes for the best. This time her luck was in. A $50,000 win is immense for anyone, but for Taina Kuivanen it’s more than that- it’s a lifechanging sum of money.

If you want to be like Taina Kuivanen and play the lottery in countries around the world, then sign up for an online lottery account and start playing now. You might find that you’re as lucky as Taina and win big in whichever country you choose to play.

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