Search for EuroMillions Prize Winner in Suffolk Continues


A ticket to the EuroMillions lottery was bought in Suffolk and has won a prize of more than £80,000. However, no one has come forward to claim the prize, so now a search is ongoing for locating the mystery winner.

Players urged to check tickets

The lottery ticket was purchased for the EuroMillions draw that was held on June 14th in the Mid Suffolk District Council area. The player was able to match the five main numbers in the draw, along with the Lucky Star number. Therefore, they have managed to win a prize of £83,291.50.

Since it has not been claimed as yet, all National Lottery players who had bought their tickets in the same area have been urged to take a look at their tickets to see if they are the lucky winner. The numbers that were drawn in the particular draw of the EuroMillions were 2, 7, 27, 34 and 40 and 3 and 11 were the Lucky Star numbers.

December 11th is the deadline

It should be noted that the lucky winner has time till December 11th to come forward and claim their win. In case they are not in possession of their ticket, for any reason, they can still come forward if they believe their claim is valid. The claim has to be made in writing and it needs to be done within 30 days of the particular draw.

Andy Carter from Camelot, who is the Senior Winners’ Advisor, said that they were desperately searching for the mystery winner in order to give them their prize that could make a big difference in their life. He said that everyone who has purchased a EuroMillions ticket in the area should take a look at their numbers, or search for their ticket if they have misplaced it. He said that they were waiting for the ticket-holder to come forward and claim their prize.

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