Teen Loses EuroMillions Jackpot due to Ticket Payment’s Failure


A teenager was left devastated when she found that since her payment for her EuroMillions ticket had not gone through, she could not claim the whopping £182 million jackpot that she had won.

The draw

The EuroMillions lottery draw conducted on February 26th, 2021 had a jackpot worth £182 million and the winning numbers were 06, 12, 22, 29 and 33, while the Lucky Star numbers were 06 and 11.

The teenager from Hertfordshire was able to match the numbers that were drawn and revealed that she had been playing the same numbers with her boyfriend for five weeks consecutively.

21-year old Rachel Kennedy was able to match the numbers correctly, but was devastated to find that the payment for the ticket of the EuroMillions draw worth £2.50 had not gone through.

She is a student at the University of Brighton and had gotten a notification informing her that her numbers were a match.

She and her boyfriend, Liam McCrohan, had already begun to make plans about their ‘dream’ lives, but they all came crashing down when Rachel was informed that her ticket payment had not gone through.

This was because she did not have enough money in her account. Thus, the winning ticket could not be purchased prior to the draw automatically as usual.

The confusion

However, Rachel still believed that she had been able to win the massive jackpot because a glitch had resulted in the notification sent to her about being a winner.

She said that she had called her mother and boyfriend into her room to share the news and none of them could believe it.

She had decided to call and confirm because she believed she had won the £182 million jackpot. That’s when she was informed that even though she did have the right numbers, her ticket payment had failed.

Rachel said that she had been on top of the world when she believed she had won and her boyfriend had gotten more upset when they found out that she hadn’t.

The reaction

According to Liam, he had already starting planning for their future before they were dealt the devastating blow.

He said that Rachel seemed to be quite relaxed, but he had already spent the money in his head. Therefore, he had been heartbroken.

He revealed that he had been dreaming about their house and car and may have gotten a bit carried away with his plans.

The operators of the lottery since 1994, Camelot, also came to know of Rachel’s story and wished the couple good luck in their future draws.

A spokesman said that they hoped the couple would buy their tickets to the big draw early now.

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