$180 Million Jackpot for Mega Millions (August 2014)

History was made in August 2014 by the Mega Millions lottery Jackpot of $180 million which was won by a single person. It was won in California on August 22 2014 when each of the draw’s six numbers in the drawing was discovered and the numbers matched on a single ticket.

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The winning ticket was purchased from a store (7-Eleven). The lottery for Mega Millions is sold all through 43 states in the US. It is also sold in the United States Virgin Islands on LottoLeader.com and the District of Columbia.

The winning numbers for this Jackpot were 05-31-34-41-74 with 3 as the mega number. For each of these numbers to be matched on one ticket was really a jackpot for the winner’s lottery even though it is not just the winner who is feeling lucky!

The 7-Eleven shop where the ticket was purchased is also going to get part of this money. This is a great amount as it totals to 50% of the winnings which is about $900,000.

The owners of this store are very happy to be this lucky and they will need to divide the prize money with the corporation for 7-Eleven and with the employee who sold the ticket also.

Since the odds of being a winner of the jackpot are slim, Rick Knudsen, the winner of this jackpot is indeed an extremely fortunate man. He worked at RWC Building Products as a branch manager, before retiring.

Knudsen has made a decision to spend the amount in lump sum and states that he will spend it on his church, children and grandchildren.

Knudsen normally purchases lottery tickets twice each year. However, on this day he went through a number of coincidences in regard to money, which made him decide to purchase the ticket as he felt extremely lucky. For 48 hours before winning in August 2014, Knudsen made financial transactions and each of their totals made an even amount and required no change. He went to a casino and played on each of the seven machines, winning them all.

After finally purchasing the ticket, he had a feeling that a great happening was about to take place, and when he visited one store, the cashier encouraged him to purchase a lottery ticket, in view of his winning streak!

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