From Spain to Holland With Love: See How Christmas Miracles and Big Lotteries Connect Countries


LottoAgent Player Wins €375,000 in the Spanish Lotería Nacional Online

agent-lottoGeert de Boer, 63, from the Netherlands, is happy in 2017. He is celebrating the massive win of €375,000 in the Spanish Lotería Nacional, entering in the super draw with just 3 “decimos” — 3 tenths from the original ticket.

Besides, he and his wife Lois are expecting their fourth grandchild to be born in March. The lucky winner jokes the Spanish name — José or Manuel — would be nice for the newborn: it would remind the baby about his granddaddy’s glorious win.

Geert is an experienced lottery player. He had been partaking in almost each Powerball draw scooping small and average winning, until in 2016 LottoAgent, an online service to purchase tickets of official lotteries online, invited him to play the Spanish Christmas lottery Lotería de Navidad. That was the thing!

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The father-of-two talks about his “career” of a lottery player: “I remember my very first winning ticket perfectly well. It was worth 500 euros, but… I lost it! I knew I’d left it in the kitchen. I turned the place upside down and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Then I realized… oh yes… I accidentally threw it away with the rubbish. That was funny. Now I play online with LottoAgent, no more problems with lost tickets”


Geerts explains why the prize means a lot for his family: “Frankly speaking, we’ve never been rich. I’m just a bus driver and my wife is a housekeeper. Lois was very emotional that day. I saw tears in her eyes, she was shaking and whispering: “Can I finally go on vacation, Geert?” Being a selfless mother and granny, she hadn’t got a single minute for herself.”

“Neither I or Lois are big spenders. After years and years of endless saving, my wife was not psychologically able to buy something really expensive. When I gave her a new Louis Vuitton tote, she didn’t feel comfortable… What I want for myself? Probably, a new Range Rover Sport. Oh yes, one more thing to add: the luxurious vacation for Lois and a one-month fishing trip somewhere in England for me.”

The happy winner says the money couldn’t have come at a better time, as their younger daughter is preparing to become a mother for the first time: “We have three grandchildren already, but still this win has come at such a perfect time. Our grandson will have such a good start with our help. I can’t describe my amazement with the words. Thanks Spain, thanks LottoAgent, thanks Lotería Nacional!”

Lotería Nacional holds monthly super draws including Lotería de Navidad, San Valentin, Loteria del Nino, etc. Lotería de Navidad is a game with the largest prize pool in the world. It is held every year on December 22. In 2016 Lotería de Navidad cut all the records with its whopping € 2,310,000,000 prize pool, 65 guaranteed Jackpots and good winning odds. Any lottery lover over 18 is welcomed to play.

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