Irish Lotto Jackpot Winner in South Dublin’s ‘Millionaire’s Row’


On paper, at least every person who owns a house on The Rise in Mount Merrion is considered a millionaire.

This area of South Dublin is most sought-after and a house there will cost at least €1 million. A year ago, the last house that had been sold on the road was valued at €1,065,000.

This had been surpassed last year in July when another house had been sold for €1,260,000.

The Rise

In the 1930s, John Kenny, who was the original builder of The Rise had permission of building 20 houses per acre.

Instead, he had opted to create six houses an acre in order to establish a wealthy enclave that boasted cold and hot water plumbing, indoor toilets baths and electricity.

All of these were considered luxuries according to that time’s standards. Every single house was built on at least half an acre.

The exclusivity of The Rise has been maintained to this day. While its residents may not need to become a lottery winner, one of then just scooped the Irish Lotto jackpot worth €2.3 million.

The winner

The winning ticket was sold on the Rise at XL, which had opened back in 1973 and is considered an important fixture of the area.

The ticket-holder had purchased it on Wednesday, the date of the draw, but has not come forward as yet to claim the prize.

The shop’s owner is Adrian Peters, who had not sold a winning ticket for the lottery jackpot before. However, he had sold a ticket 28 years ago that had helped a player win £100,000.

The owner

Mr. Peters said that there was nothing on The Rise that was valued under a million, but it has certainly not stopped many people from moving into the area.

The owner also disclosed that he was planning on going to the Canary Islands for a holiday, which prompted a few people to question if he was the lucky winner himself.

But, Mr. Peters laughed it off and said that it was not him. Located in the heart of Mount Merrion, he said his shop was a small one and run by the family.

He said that there were a cluster of shops surrounding his, including a chemist and hairdresser. He also said that the phone call informing him about selling the winning ticket was great.

He added that getting some positive news in such tough times definitely felt good.

Other wins

This is the second Irish Lotto jackpot to have been won within a week. Last week on Wednesday, a ticket for the €8.9 million jackpot had been sold in Duleek, Co Meath at Lowthe’s.

At the beginning of the year, there had been some concerns about the lottery’s visibility because there had been no winner for six months and the jackpot had rolled over 50 times.

But, the losing streak came to an end in January when an anonymous punter from Mayo landed the jackpot. Since then, 31 people have become millionaires in the lotto.

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