Italy SuperStar Lottery Jackpot at €91.2 Million and Italy SuperEnalotto Jackpot at €89.2 Million, Draws on Tuesday 31st May 2016

The Italian Lotteries Superenalotto and SuperStar Have Huge Jackpots This Week!


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Italy SuperStar Lottery Jackpot at €91.2 Million

The Italian SuperStar lottery is one of the most popular lottery games in Italy. Along with the SuperEnalotto, ticket sales in Italy and around the world have skyrocketed along with the recent jackpot size of €91,200,000, the draw is on Tuesday and you can play this lottery game online! You can buy tickets for this lottery game through Icelotto, TheLotter, LottoBooker or LottoAgent.

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Italy SuperEnalotto Jackpot at €89.2 Million

The Italian SuperEnalotto Jackpot is at 89.2 Million Euros right now! The Italian SuperEnalotto is a historic lottery game played in Italy with large jackpots, also the odds of winning a prize are 1/22 tickets, winning the jackpot is a 1 in 666 million ticket chance. This game has risen in popularity as the jackpot sizes have become huge, international players are now buying tickets online on a weekly basis, join in on the fun and play this lottery game online today. You can buy tickets for the SuperEnalotto lottery game online through Icelotto, TheLotter, LottoBooker or LottoAgent.

Both Draws on Tuesday 31st May 2016

Both of the draws will take place on Tuesday the 31st May 2016, that is in 28 hours from now so hurry up and buy your tickets online and play one of the biggest online lottery jackpot games in the world right now! Sign up now with Online Lottery Shop and get a free ticket. Join an online lotto syndicate to increase your odds of winning the jackpot.

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superstar and superenalotto lotteries - Italy

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