Lottery Winner Who is A Millionaire Pulls the Most Ingenious Prank on His Kids!


A lottery winner from Canada decided to pull a prank on his innocent kids by letting them discover about his fortune on the news.

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A lot of individuals would be dying to inform family and friends who are close, about a huge win like this. However, British Colombian Daniel Schilli has up to now been able to conceal this. An elated Mr. Schilli, who resides in Abbotsford, stated that his desire was for his kids to ‘discover about this on the news.’

He won an awesome $9.7m CAD or £5.7m last month in the draw for 6/49 Canadian lottery game. According to UPI, he confessed that since then, he has been thunderstruck. He said, ‘I have not informed my three young kids regarding the win.’

‘They will discover about this on the news!’ He also said, ‘This is simply unreal. My spouse and I have been chuckling as we walk around the house as we simply find it unbelievable!’

Regarding his initial buy, he remarked, ‘A very new pickup truck as my children often laugh at my ancient 1996 pickup.’

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