Play Online Lottery to Win – SuperEnaLotto

The mention of lottery playing often spells immense gambling, that’s okay and let’s face it, life is a gamble itself, no one is promised of tomorrow. Manually, you will see people from all age brackets picking numbers and respectively scratching the instant tickets all with the motive of winning, how liberating if this indulgence would deem a win-win right? However, far from it, anyone getting into lottery should be prepared to lose fairly. In the U.S specifically, lotteries generate revenues in billions of dollars needless to say how the same does internationally. While you could easily cast a $1 dice into lottery and win millions, it deems quite incomparable to not indulge. Technology has taken today’s economy a step higher, while the traditional lottery playing was strictly manual, today we have the advancement with online lottery.


However, it is with the same rapid pace of technology growth that service providers also grow. With so many websites on the internet offering online lottery games, caution must be endeared while making your selection. SuperEnalotto comes across as one of those viable lotto games focused on giving you quite a run for your cash. As the most popular lotto game in all of Italy and played by millions of lotto players weekly, this lotto game has made an impending impact in the lottery arena. Launched in 1997 December, this popular game replaced the earlier version of Enalotto game that had been played all along since the 1950’s.

Why SuperEnalotto?

Well, let’s see considering this lotto game has gone international already, it is only right that you indulge to enjoy the various benefits. The most compelling aspect that sets this game apart is the fact that unlike so many other lotteries out there, SuperEnalotto has no limit on the number of times the Jackpot can roll over, hence the large jackpots involved. With the game being open to players globally, it therefore means that it’s much easier to play this lottery game.

How to Participate

If you are indeed wondering how you can make the first step towards participating in the SuperEnalotto game, you need to know that SuperEnalotto tickets are readily available online accessible anywhere in the world with only a computer and internet connection. Once you land on their website, click play now button on the page where you’ll be advised to but the participatory tickets or visit the buy-ticket official page to officially buy a ticket.

What are the Odds

The draw for the lotto winner takes place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 8.00 pm where one ‘jolly’ number and six main numbers are randomly selected by the SuperEnalotto machine. The odds are that if no one wins the jackpot, then it is swayed back to the following SuperEnalotto draw. Up to this say, the largest SuperEnalotto jackpot win stands at a cool 177 million Euros, a win which had been through a single ticket back in 2010.

However, in addition to the main prizes comprised in the SuperEnalotto prizes, players also stand a chance to win other additional prizes through via the Superstar side-game. Players need to select their SuperEnalotto numbers for an additional fee charge between numbers 1-90.

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