It is Now Possible to Play Powerball Online From UK

With the help of concierge services and website that offer Online Lottery UK tickets including tickets for the American Powerball lotto It is now possible for all UK (United Kingdom) and Great Britain lotto lovers to also play overseas lottery games.

Play Powerball Online From UK

The Day that the US Powerball Broke the Internet

When the Powerball jackpot went over $1.5 billion – many people in the UK desired to buy tickets and were not sure if it was possible or not. Websites such as and were blasted with tens of thousands of visitors per hour and hundreds of people sending emails and requests regarding information on using their online platforms in order to buy tickets.

Needless to say many websites went offline because the Powerball jackpot “broke the internet” on that day.

Still – lessons were learned and safe-gaurds were put in place to make sure the Powerball would not “break the internet” the next time it got to such a big jackpot prize.

Where to Buy Powerball Tickets Online From UK

Now, back to our subject at hand – it is now possible for people in the UK to play Powerball online! All you have to do is open your online lottery account at your chosen online lottery website and start playing.

You can read our expert reviews of online lotto websites before choosing which one you want to use for buying Powerball or Mega Millions tickets online from the UK.

See here: Online Lottery Agent Reviews

You will easily find a recommended website from within our reviews and will be able to start playing!

Good luck and we hope you win the jackpot!

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