Ontario 49 Lottery: How To Play and Win Ontario 49 Online

Play Ontario 49 Online Online

Buy Official Ontario 49 Lottery Tickets Online

Play Ontario 49 Online
Play Ontario 49 Online

You too can now purchase Ontario 49 lotto tickets online! The great thing about Ontario 49 is the payout: $2,000,000, whose odds are 1 in 13,983,816. However, the odds of winning any prize at all are way higher! In fact, it is very likely that you will get some cash: with 1 in 6.6 odds of winning, it is definitely worth a few tries. Play online today!

Great Winning Odds!

One of the easiest lottery games around, Ontario 49 gives you real chances of winning. It is one of the most popular lotteries for a reason! There are two main ways to play it, plus an “encore” option. The simplest way to play is Quick Pick: all you have to do is check the Quick Pick box on the Selection slip, so that the lottery will select your numbers randomly. If you know that you want to play for many draws you can mark the number of draws you want to play for in the box called Advance Play.


Pick Your Own Numbers Online

What’s great about Ontario 49 Lottery is that it gives you the chance to pick your own numbers, too. Once you get your Ontario 49 Selection Slip, simply mark the words “Ontario 49”, then choose six numbers (they must be from 1 to 49) on as many as ten boards (you have to pay $1 for one board).

You can also check the word “Both” to play for Ontario 49, as well as its sister game, Lotto 6/49. Like for the Quick Pick, if you know that you want to play for man draws, mark the Advance Play box. Once your Selection Slip is done, just hand it to your online lottery retailer such as Lottoagent and you will get the official ticket.

Ontario 49 Encore

Encore is one of the most exciting aspects of Ontario 49 Lottery. To play it, you will need to write how many Encore plays you want to add to your Encore section. Each added Encore is an extra $1. The idea behind Encore is praising the high achievers of Ontario 49.

This means that each bonus Encore game gives the player the possibility to win up to one million dollars. Don’t forget to ask your online retailer such as Lottosend for the Encore option before getting your Selection Slip! The chances of winning a prize are incredibly high: 1 in 9.17! You will get a cash prize by matching right to left, vice versa, or both.


Combination Play

Ontario 49 offers Combination Play, too, which will dramatically increase your chances of winning cash! Combination Plays are available in 5, 7, 8 and 9 numbers and you are able to play up to 10 draws, chosen in advance. Don’t forget that tickets are only sold until 10:30PM (ET) on the nights when numbers are drawn!

When you choose Combination Play, you will get one ticket with the numbers you have chosen of the type of combination previously selected. For instance, if you chose the 7 Combination Play, you will receive seven numbers.

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