$1,000,000 Mega Millions Winner Finally Makes an Appearance


Twenty to thirty years from now when people will be telling how difficult it was to live through the year 2022, one person will be telling a different story to his grandchildren. He will be telling them how his year turned into the luckiest part of his life when he ended up winning $1,000,000.

Charles Monger Wins $1,000,000 from Mega Millions

The most exciting part would be when he tells them he won the million-dollar prize playing a lottery game. The name of the lucky winner is Charles Monger who has been inducted as one of the million-dollar prize winners playing the Mega Millions.

Charles Monger had no idea what he was getting himself into when he purchased a Mega Millions ticket at his friend’s request. His friend, who is a regular Mega Millions lottery player after years of requests, was able to convince Monger to participate in a lottery draw.

He did it thinking that he is only wasting a dollar or so on a concept, he doesn’t even believe in. But his fortune had something else decided for him, which led him to win huge prize money.

In his first attempt, Charles Monger was able to become a winner of the $1,000,000 prize money from the Mega Millions game.

Charles Participated in a February Draw

Charles Monger’s fate had decided to make him a millionaire the moment he would participate in a draw for the Mega Millions draw. Upon his friend’s insistence, Monger went for the February 18 draw for the Mega Millions game.

The numbers Monger selected on his ticket were 68-63-50-11-6 and the Megaball number he went for was 26. Because he didn’t want to spend more than the basic prize money, he didn’t choose the Megaplier option on the ticket. If he had selected that option, it would’ve cost him an extra dollar. The Megaplier for the Mega Millions draw was 4X.

Charles Monger told the officials he had visited the same store his friend visits regularly to buy tickets for the lottery games. The name of the store is Haggen #3493. The particular store is located at 1815 Main Street, Ferndale, Washington.

Charles Monger Wants to Help his Friend

Charles Monger told the officials that he completely forgot about the ticket after purchasing it with his friend. It wasn’t until the end of April when he met up with his friend who asked him about the ticket.

That is when he checked the ticket and was shocked to see he had won $1,000,000 playing the game.  Charles Monger told the officials he felt sorry for his friend because he knows his friend has been going through a hard time. He will be helping him out by giving him $50,000 to put him back on track.

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