A $100,000 Prize Winning Cash 5 Lottery Ticket Sold in Luzerne County


The Pennsylvania Lottery is back with another announcement of a $100k prize-winning ticket. The lottery officials have revealed that the lucky ticket winning the $100k prize has been sold in Luzerne County.

The lottery officials have revealed that the lucky ticket belonged to the Cash 5 Lottery game. The Cash 5 Lottery game is one of the most played and enormously popular games that have been powered by the PA Lottery.

As always, the PA Lottery is determined to reach out to the winner and hand over their prize money to them.

The particular ticket for the Cash 5 Lottery was sold in Luzerne County. The officials have revealed that the draw for the particular lottery game was held on Thursday, February 24, 2021. The numbers that were taken out for the particular were: 28-23-1-8-6. The ticket managed to match all five of the lucky numbers and was yielded as the winner of the $100,000 prize money.

Now the only thing remaining is for the prize winner to show up and claim their money. The officials have also taken the liberty of sharing the name as well as the address of the store where the ticket was purchased from.

The lottery officials have confirmed that the ticket was sold from the Hazle Mini Mart. The Mini Mart is located at 1136 PA-940, Hazle Township.

The officials have also stated that the store is eligible for winning a $500 bonus commission for selling the ticket.

The lottery officials are now waiting for the player to contact them or either the store where he purchased the ticket from. This would give them a lead and they will be able to reach out to the winner themselves.

Ever since the PA Lottery came into being, it has been trying to get to its winners by sharing their details. In the past, the operator used to do it through newspapers and radio, and now, it spreads the word through social media as well as old channels.

One of the major reasons why PA Lottery aims to approach the winners is so that it can give away the prize money to their rightful owners.

Secondly, it is to ensure that the money is distributed and no one gets to feel that the prizes are fixed and planted. There are many people all over the world who still think nothing more of the lottery games than being fraudulent and scams. They perceive lottery games to be hoaxes and the winners to be planted so others can get attracted and end up spending real money.

However, the PA Lottery wants to spread the word that it is a lottery backed by the PA state and has all the intentions to giving prizes to the rightful winners.

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