A $150,000 Prize Money Won by Jordan O. Playing US Powerball


Jordan O. has recently been awarded as the winner of the $150,000 prize playing the US Powerball game. The lottery officials are full of excitement for honoring Jordan O. by sharing his winning story with the entire lottery community.

Jordan O. had recently participated in one of the lottery draws taking place in the month of February. The player was also very excited about winning the $150,000 prize money. For him, it was just a dream that has been fulfilled with a huge bonus.

The winner had been purchasing tickets for the US Powerball game from the year 2015 and he had hoped to win big prize money. Jordan O. stated that although he knew the lottery prizes are based on luck, still, he had been a bit logical while playing the games.

Jordan did not aim for the jackpot prize money or a million dollars playing the US Powerball game. Instead, he hoped to win the $50,000 prize money someday playing the US Powerball.

There were times when Jordan thought of playing the Mega Millions or the Cash4Life game but he remained loyal to the US Powerball. He thought it would be a loss if he left the game after spending so many years playing it and not winning anything.

Therefore, he continued playing the game to try, and see what would happen in the upcoming days. Finally, the long wait has proven to be favorable for Jordan and he has successfully won $150,000 from the game.

Jordan O. had participated in the February 3, 2022 draw for the US Powerball game. The winning numbers for the February 3, 2022 drawing were 63-62-33-29-18 and then there was the Powerball number 15 for the particular draw.

On top of that, the officials also drew the Power Play multiplier for the February 3 draw that was X3. This meant that if a player had added the Power Play option to their ticket, their prize money would be tripled.

Jordan revealed that while purchasing the ticket, he went for the “Quick Pick” option, and it was a common practice of his. However, he never added the Power Play option to the ticket, but he surprisingly found a dollar in his pocket and decided to put it on the ticket.

It was quite fortunate for Jordan that the first-ever ticket he added the Power Play option matched the tier-3 prize money criteria for the US Powerball. Jordan not only won the tier-3 prize money but also tripled it from $50,000 to $150,000.

Jordan had purchased his $150,000 winner from the 7-Eleven Store. The particular store is located at W. Coal Mine Road, Littleton, Colorado.

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