A Five-Year-Old Syndicate Wins $100,000 Playing US Powerball


The US Powerball has always strived to bring entertainment and fun to your doorstep. Most importantly, the US Powerball has tried really hard to keep you motivated so you also try and benefit from the opportunity.

This time, the officials have decided to make things interesting as well as exciting by sharing a rare winning. The rarity of the win is not because of the prize money but due to the participants.

The lottery games have been offering every individual of trying their luck and gain from it. However, many people have joined their forces over time to increase their chances of winning. This way, the players do increase their winning chances but they do have to split the money equally among each other that they win.

The winning that the US Powerball officials are talking about here is of a syndicate that has won the tier 3 prize money. The US Powerball officials have provided more details about the syndicate below.

The 5-Year Old Syndicate

As per the lottery officials, the particular syndicate comprised 22 members. The leader of the syndicate is Neil Ellis who also acts as the spokesperson for the entire team.

He revealed that they have been together for five years and they have participated in almost every draw for the US Powerball since then. They do not try many tickets, and this is the reason why they are able to participate in every draw.

For the particular draw, each player purchased several tickets for the US Powerball because its jackpot prize was very high.

The winners revealed that they all know each other from work and they are all city employees. The players are from Hoke, Bladen, Lee, Wayne, Harnett, Moore, and Cumberland counties.

They Won $100,000

As per the officials, the particular draw that won the prize money to the players took place on April 2, 2022. The winning numbers for the April 2 draw were 59-58-47-28-6 and the Powerball number was 18.

The Power Play multiplier for the April 2 draw was 2X and the annuity jackpot prize was $223 million, while the cash jackpot prize was $142.4 million.

The players matched 4 primary numbers and the Powerball, winning them the tier-3 prize money of ($50,000). Ellis revealed that the ticket that matched the tier-3 criteria had the Power Play option as well, which doubled the prize money to $100,000.

The ticket that helped the syndicate win the $100,000 prize money on April 2 was purchased from Erwin Lucky Stop. The particular store is located at South 13th Street, Erwin.

In total, the April 2 draw has produced 794,242 winners who have won $5,758,840.

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