A Former Rugby Player wins it Big


It is true that the year 2020 started off on a bad note and only got worse with every passing month. However, as much as the year has been unfortunate for the majority of the people, lotteries have turned out to be the exact opposite of it.

Although the entire world was sad due to so many problems and financial difficulties, the end of the year turned out to be as same as the rest. When the Christmas season approached, everyone was happy and filled with joy. Even though the celebrations were not as well-spent as they used to be, still the people had the time of their life.

It was the only time in the entire year when people got to rest and become stress-free. People got to visit their families and friends and have a good time. Right after the Christmas celebrations, come the New Year Preparations. But due to the pandemic and financial crisis, many people would not be able to celebrate it.

However, one lucky person from Atherstone will be able to celebrate the arrival of the New Year way better than Christmas. The 50-year-old player ‘Allan Taylor’ was lucky enough to have scooped a huge win of £10,000 from the Health Lottery.

It has been revealed that the winner of the £10,000 THL prize was a former rugby player and used to play for the Nuneaton Club.

When interviewed by the Health Lottery officials, Taylor informed that he was too excited to have won the £10k prize. He stated that the first thing he is going to do with the prize money is that he will purchase the tickets for the Six Nations match.

The player informed that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and harsh financial conditions, they were not able to go anywhere for their holidays. The player said that he wants to make up for all the quality time that he lost during the pandemic.

He said that he is blessed to have won the prize at this time because now he can take his family on holiday. Allan Taylor is a father of three daughters and considers himself to be the luckiest for having his wife and three daughters on his side.

The player told that he and his family always wanted to visit Dublin for their holidays and spend a week there. He said that when he visits Dublin, he will be taking a tour at the Guinness Factory to know more about his favorite drink ‘Stout’.

In the end, the player confirmed that he has been a regular player of ‘The Health Lottery’ for a very long time and he plans to keep playing. He said that he may get lucky again soon.

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