A Fresh Lottery Player Beats the Regular Players to a Prize Win

A Fresh Lottery Player Beats the Regular Players to a Prize Win

No matter how much calculations and analyses are done on lotteries, it is impossible for anyone to win a prize without the essence of luck. When it comes to lotteries, it does not matter whether you have been playing lotteries for ages or you are playing it for the first time. When the luck is in your favor and you have a ticket under your command, no one can stop you from winning big.

Although this kind of scenario proves to be very de-motivating for the regular lottery players. Yet the players need to understand that luck can go their way one day as well.

As per The Lottery Office, it feels proud and honored to have served the Australian citizens for making their lives full of joy. Every year, the Lottery Office helps millions of players from all across Australia win big and share the love with their loved ones.

The Lottery Office has been operating in Australia for almost two decades and has contributed a lot towards the country’s development by donating a large number of funds for noble causes.

In the list of its winners, The Lottery Office has added a lottery player who ended up becoming a winner of the US Powerball Lottery that is powered by The Lottery Office.

The Lottery Office revealed that the player bought the US Powerball lottery ticket for the draw that was held on July 31st, 2020. The player managed to win a third division prize from the particular draw. The prize money that the player managed to receive from the draw was AUD$45,612.30.

The Lottery Office revealed that in order for the players to win a third division prize, they need to match 4 sets of numbers. Apart from the initial 4 sets of numbers, the player also needs to match the Powerball. If all of the criteria are met, the player wins the 3rd division prize.

When the player visited The Lottery Office’s head office to claim the prize, the lottery officials took the opportunity to talk to the winner. They wanted to discover what went on and led him to buy the ticket, and how he reacted when he won the prize.

The winner stated that he never believed in playing lotteries and never be able to win prizes. The winner revealed that he is a construction worker and one day when he was off to his home after completing the shift, he made a stop at a store.

There he saw the display panel for the US Powerball Lottery and decided to give it a shot. The winner told the officials that after purchasing the ticket and bringing it home, he had completely forgotten about it. Until he was contacted by one of the operators from The Lottery Office who dropped the news on him.

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