A Group of Four Plays MaxMillions to Win $1,000,000


The Lotto Max team is here to make a pleasant announcement about one of its recent games. The lottery officials are glad to reveal that they have given the prize money to a group of people. The officials have revealed that the group of people had participated in the MaxMillions game powered by the Lotto Max.

The Lotto Max team has confirmed that after playing the game for such a long time, the group of players finally managed to win prize money worth $1,000,000. The players will now be splitting the million-dollar prize money among each other.

According to the Lotto Max officials, the players had been participating regularly in the MaxMillions games. Finally, the lottery draws they played for the game were on Tuesday, September 10, 2021.

The continuous participation of the players in the lottery games has turned out to be in their favor. The players have won prize money worth $1 million and will be taking home $250,000 each.

The lottery officials are excited that they have helped four players put their lives in the right direction. This is going to be a huge and one of the most memorable experiences for the players. Winning prize money worth $1,000,000 is something that only happens one player in several million.

Therefore, it is quite remarkable that a single player out of the entire group ended up winning prize money for everyone. After forming a group, all four players had combined their luck, hoping that their chances of winning a lottery prize would also increase.

This is exactly what the lottery players ended up doing and it has definitely paid off really well for the players.

The officials have also revealed where the players currently reside in Canada. The first player is Moshe Yatziv who is from London. The second player is Lorence Rubin, who is from Newcastle. The third player is Francis Rubin, who is also from Newcastle. Finally, the fourth player is Joan Yatziv who is from London.

According to the Lotto Max officials, all four players visited the lottery head office to claim their prize money. Joan revealed that she has been playing the lottery games with other members for a long time, hoping to claim a win someday.

She jokingly bragged that it was her ticket that led to them winning huge prize money from the MaxMillions game. The player stated they have always been together no matter what they do and they had decided to go on a huge trip if they won a big prize. Now, all they need to do is pack their bags and be off to an adventure.

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