A Lucky Couple Wins Big Through Division One Results


The Lotterywest is extremely happy to announce that it is playing a huge role in helping the citizens of Australia win big through its lottery games. The Lotterywest was founded back in 1932 and since then it has been helping people change their lives and help their loved ones in the process.

Just recently, the Lotterywest has revealed the story of a couple that was lucky enough to win big and was too excited about it.

The Lotterywest has announced that the couple belongs to the southern suburbs of WA and has managed to win the biggest WA Lotto prize for the year 2020. It has been confirmed that the jackpot prize that the couple managed to win was for AUD$30 million.

The winners of the AUD$30 million prizes told the story of their win and how they had the feeling that they had actually won something. The husband told that it was her wife who learned about the win from the news where it was announced that the USD$30 million prize-winning tickets were sold to the Nova Newsagency that was based in Perth.

The wife told that as soon as she saw the news, she had a feeling that it might actually be them winning the huge prize. She told the lottery officials that she is a regular at the Nova Newsagency and this is where she guys here lottery tickets from.

The husband told the lottery that they had recently decided that they would stop buying lottery tickets for the Powerball and OZ Lotto, and would only be trying their luck in Saturday Lotto.

The couple told that they had been trying their luck for a very long time through all these games but never managed to win anything. This is the reason why they had grown hopeless that they would ever win anything from these lottery games.

The couple was extremely excited while expressing their happiness that they ended up winning a jackpot right after two weeks of making the decision.

The husband told the lottery officials that he used to be a driver but recently got retired and is currently in his 60’s. The couple told that at their age, they no longer have any use for the prize money that they have won. However, they will make sure that this money is able to bring a change to the lives of their families and loved ones.

At the end of the day, an old couple was fortunate and blessed enough to have won a jackpot prize worth AUD$30 million. Apart from the lucky couple, there were 74,168 more lucky players who managed to win prizes belonging to the lower divisions.

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