A Lucky Mother from Canberra Wins $10 Million Playing OZ Lotto


The Lott is here to share the lucky story of a mother from Canberra that has won a large lottery prize playing the OZ Lotto. As per the lottery officials, the Canberra woman won $10 million playing the OZ Lotto game.

According to the officials, it took a lot of time for The Lott team to try and make the player believe she had won the prize money. The lottery team has revealed that initially, they found it really difficult to keep the player focused on the telephone.

According to the team, the player was yawning and sounded sleepy if she had not slept for an entire day. The player was in a state of awe when she was informed of the win and the player could hardly control her emotions.

Now the Canberra woman is a multi-millionaire and she has many plans to make now that she has won the huge amount. The Oz Lotto is glad that it has made a multi-millionaire out of another player within Australia.

As per the details, the lucky OZ Lotto ticket was for draw number 1425 held on Tuesday, June 8, 2021. In total, the player has won $10,487,834.11 playing the OZ Lotto game and she is currently flying high.

The player is busy making her plans and is being congratulated by all her family members as well as friends.

The player later informed The Lott representatives that she had watched the Tuesday draw live for the OZ Lotto game and came to know she had won the top prize.

However, she was not able to process the news and was completely shocked to learn about it. The player stated that she was not able to sleep the entire night because of the shock. She kept thinking about what she was going to do with the money as soon as it would hit her bank account.

The player informed the officials that she kept imagining what she was going to do with the money. She had decided that she was going to buy a new house with the money. Then she would take her entire family on a trip to Canada and other North American places.

The player was in tears when she was confirmed on the morning of the $10 million wins. The player stated that she and her husband have recently retired, so the money is going to prove extremely important.

Most importantly, they are lucky enough to offer help to their children, which they are going to offer to the fullest. The woman stated that their entire family was badly affected by the pandemic but now they have enough money to help every family member.

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