A Lucky Restaurant Manager Wins $250,000 Playing $250,000 Gold Jackpot


The “$250,000 Gold Jackpot” game is here with an exciting announcement about a lucky winner. The officials are excited to reveal that the winner of the prize money this time is from Virginia. The player was lucky enough to be winning prize money worth $250,000, which is the top prize money offered by the game.

The $250,000 Gold Jackpot game is considered one of the top lottery games belonging to the scratch-card category. The game is played by many Americans with great joy and it offers one of the largest prizes offered by scratch-card games.

From the particular game, players tend to win different prizes but the top prize money is $250,000. Therefore, the lottery officials are taking the opportunity to honor the winner and mention their details to congratulate them.

According to the lottery officials, the name of the winner is Jessica Khosravi-Heins. The player has successfully won prize money worth $250,000 playing the game. The officials have revealed that Jessica is a restaurant manager, who loves doing her job.

While giving the interview to the lottery officials, Jessica revealed how much she loves her job. She has been working as a manager for over 10 years and has been saving up money to open up her restaurant one day. The player revealed that she planned on taking a loan from a bank in order to open up her own restaurant. However, the prize money has proven to be a blessing for her and she no longer has to go to the bank for that.

The player informed the lottery officials that she had been purchasing tickets for the game for some time. She had hoped that she would win a prize money worth a fortune one day, which kept her going.

Finally, the moment came when she ended up siding with the $250,000 Gold Jackpot game, instead of other games she had been playing. The game ended up producing a huge prize win for the player and now she has all the money she needs to open up and run her own restaurant.

Jessica informed the officials that she has been purchasing all her lottery tickets from the 7-Eleven store, which is located in McNair Farms Drive, Herndon. The Falls Church winner informed the officials that she is extremely excited about winning and she will continue playing and trying her luck.

She stated that she is confident that she will be running her restaurant in the most efficient manner. As per her, she will soon bring her restaurant to the top of the list in Falls Church. The player stated that she is going to continue working at the restaurant until she is all done with setting up her own.

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