A Lucky TattsLotto Player Wins $829,000 after Years of Trying


The Lott brings you an exciting winning story of a man from Sunbury whose dedication and loyalty to the Lott have finally paid off. The lottery officials have revealed that the lucky player had been part of the TattsLotto family for a very long time.

However, the player never won a prize even after playing for such a long time. He wanted to win something in return for his loyalty to the lottery game but it was not coming his way despite the efforts.

The Sunbury man is not the only person that had been playing the TattsLotto game for such a long time. There are many people that have been playing this game more than the lucky winner but they are still hopeful.

But the Sunbury man can remove winning a lottery prize from his wish list, as it has been fulfilled with quite a handsome payout. The player is among the luckiest in Sunbury to have won almost a million dollars playing the TattsLotto game.

The officials revealed that the lucky man had participated in the TattsLotto draw number 4167. The particular draw was held on Saturday, June 26, 2021.

The draw resulted in seven lucky players winning the division one prize. Each player that won the division one prize is a rightful owner of $829,588.27, and the Sunbury man was among the list.

As per the player, he was always hopeful of winning something good in return for his loyalty with the TattsLotto game. However, he had not even dreamed of winning such a large figure playing the particular game. The player stated that the maximum he had hoped to win was just a $100,000 prize money from the lottery game.

Fortunately, the player received much more than he had wished/hoped for in the first place. The lucky ticket he had purchased for the TattsLotto game brought more than he had ever imagined.

The lottery player saw this as one of the blessings and a sign to help others out who were in a lot of financial need. The player is determined to make a difference with the money he has won and he will be focusing on helping the people in his circle.

The player had gone for the Quick Pick option when selecting the ticket. The player stated that he had been playing the lottery games the old school way by visiting the store physically and purchase the ticket.

However, he has changed it recently and now he purchases tickets through The Lotts’ online portal. The player stated that this is not going to be the end of him playing the lottery games. Now he has more of a reason to continue playing the TattsLotto game and keep earning more.

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