A Lucky Virginia Beach Man Wins Virginia Lottery’s Jackpot Prize of $120,000


The Virginia lottery is here with an announcement about a lucky Virginia Beach player. The officials have revealed that the name of the lucky player is Thomas Holman who now has more than $100,000 in his bank account.

Thomas Holman will now have to spend some time thinking about what he is going to do with the money he has just won playing the Virginia lottery. The operating team of the Virginia lottery has confirmed that Thomas Holman was playing the Cash 5 with EZ Match when he ended up winning the jackpot prize.

The officials have also shared further details about the game revealing that the draw for the particular game was held back on April 26, 2021. The draw number for the particular Cash 5 with the EZ Match game was 2954.

The lucky numbers that the Virginia lottery officials drew on April 26 were 21-19-18-17-14. According to the lottery team, Thomas Holman had selected four out of the five lucky numbers and let the computer select the fifth number.

When playing the Cash 5 with EZ Cash game, the players have the option of either selecting the numbers manually or let the computer do it automatically. Another option is that the players can go for the partial number selection where they choose half numbers manually and let the system do the rest.

Fortunately, the decision Thomas Holman made worked out in his favor and his ticket matched all five lucky numbers. This meant that Holman had hit the jackpot and as a result, he ended up winning $120,000.

The officials have revealed that Thomas Holman is a regular customer at the Wawa store where he purchases all his tickets from. The particular store that Holman visits on a regular basis is located at 2954 Virginia Beach Boulevard.

Thomas Holman revealed to the officials that he is a regular lottery player for the Virginia lottery. No matter the situation or circumstances, he has always been loyal to the lottery game. Holman stated that he has spent a lot of money playing the lottery games powered by the Virginia lottery praying to win a prize one day.

Finally, his prayers have been answered and now he has $120,000 in his bank account that he has to decide what he is going to do with. The player stated that the recent win does not put a stop to his regular lottery plays.

He has decided to play even more games and try his luck with scratch card games as well. The player stated that he currently has no plans about how he is going to spend his prize money.

However, he knows that the money he has won will be used to pay off some bills that have been overdue for quite a while.

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