A Lucky Woman from Collinsville Wins $100,000 Playing “The Lott”


Every passing day and every passing year, people are retiring from their jobs and employments due to old age or disabilities. However, the process of retirement is always the same for 99.99% of the people from around the world.

Most of the times, people who get retired have two ways of living. The first one is through their retirement pension and the other way are the savings they have in their account.

The soon to be retired woman from Collinsville would have worried and depended upon the same mediums. However, her retirement had a twist and something really awesome was waiting for her towards the last days of her employment.

The Lott officials have revealed that in the last few months of employment, the lucky woman from Collinsville has surprisingly won a $100,000 prize money. The Lott officials have reported that the woman has won the prize playing one of the top scratch off games powered by “The Lott”. The officials have confirmed that the name of the particular game is “Scratch-Its”.

The old woman revealed that she had never played lottery games but as she was counting her last days at her employment, she wanted to try something new. She stated that for her, purchasing the ticket for the game was an adventure she had never experienced in her life.

Despite her savings, she was upset that the money in her account would not be enough. Therefore, she wanted something extra to help her in her old age. The motive behind making a lot of money before her retirement was because she had never married.

This is the reason she had no kids and no husband to look after her in her old age. The player stated that she never wanted to be dependent upon anyone, which is the reason she never married. She stated that she wants to spend her old age having the same feeling of freedom.

She stated that despite her thinking, she now feels why it is necessary to have husband and children. In her old age, she needs someone to be her side and listen to what she has to say.

The player stated that she could either regret her life choice or do something to make it better. Therefore, she decided to do something new in her life and she went for the lottery game.

She visited Nugen’s Central Newsagency and purchased a Scratch-Its ticket from there. The store is located at 11 Stanley Street, Collinsville. It really proved fortunate for her and she ended up winning $100,000 prize from the game.

She stated that now that she has retired, she is going to find herself a partner and spend the rest of her life with the person.

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