A Lucky Woman from Orange County Wins $3,000,000 Playing $3,000,000 Fortune Scratch-Off


The New York lottery is here to announce a phenomenal win claimed by a lucky woman from Orange County. The officials have shared their joy and have stated that they are extremely excited for the woman. The player finally had the game that has changed her life forever.

The officials have stated that now the player will have wonderful years ahead of her and she will be able to live her life with comfort and luxuries. The officials have revealed that the player from Fortune County had opted for the game called “$3,000,000 Fortune Scratch-Off”.

It is one of the highest paying scratch-off games powered by the New York lottery. Every year, millions of players win huge prizes for playing just the $3,000,000 Fortune Scratch-Off game alone. For any state-run game, the majority of the sales generated and prizes claimed to belong to the scratch-off games.

These games are instant so the players do not have to wait for the particular date/time to find out the results. In the scratch-off games, the players simply find out whether they are a winner or not by scratching off the ticket.

This is exactly what Shirley Miller did as she scratched off the $3,000,000 Fortune Scratch-Off ticket. She not only scratched it to win but she did it to win the top prize money of $3,000,000 in the process.

It is such a wonderful moment for Miller as she no longer has to worry about her expenses or a job for a long, long time. The officials have confirmed that she had purchased her $3,000,000 prize-winning ticket from Newburgh Food Mart.

The particular Newburgh Food Mart store is located at 219 Main Street in Newburgh. The store is also eligible for a bonus commission for selling the lucky 3,000,000 Fortune Scratch-Off ticket to the Shirley Miller.

The officials have confirmed that Shirley Miller was given two options of receiving the $3,000,000 prize money in annual installments or in a one-time lump sum. Miller went for the latter option and she is now a millionaire with $1,777,230 in her bank account.

Now she has the opportunity to buy whatever she wants and get a head start in her life. She is one of the luckiest individuals in 2021 that have been given the best opportunity in their lives.

Shirley Miller informed the officials that she is extremely happy for the win and is glad that she went for the $3,000,000 Fortune Scratch-off game. Life has blessed her with such a remarkable and praiseworthy opportunity that people hardly get in their lives.

Therefore, she is going to make the best of it and spend the money wisely. She stated that a million from the prize money is definitely going into her savings account. Then she will decide what she is going to do with the remaining amount.

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