A Man from Florida Thought He Had Won $1,000 but To His Surprise It Was $1 Million


You may find it common when you hear that someone thought they had won $100 in the lottery but it turned out to be $1,000. But you would be shocked to know that a person thinking he had won $1,000, actually had ended up winning way more than that.

It is as if $1000 was not enough that the player actually ended up winning more than he had expected in a day.

Lee Wingfield is a 63-year-old player who is a citizen of Tallahassee and had bought a scratch-off ticket for a lottery game. The player was so happy to find out that he had won $1,000. But the player actually missed out on the extra zeroes that were right in front of his $1,000 figure.

The player stated that he had no idea that he had won such a huge amount. The player went to the lottery’s headquarters in Tallahassee to claim his winnings. Lee opted for the lump sum amount of $890,000.

Lee told the media that he had purchased the $20 ticket from the Publix grocery store. The store is located at the Northeast Capital Circle based in Tallahassee. He added that the ticket belonged to a new scratch-off game that was just launched back in September. The name of the scratch-off game is ‘200X the Cash’.

The lottery committee informed that the owner of the Publix store will also receive a $2,000 commission for selling the winning ticket.

Originally, there were a total of 20 2nd-tier prizes for $1 million each. After the recent claim by Lee Wingfield, there are 16 2nd-tier $1 million lottery prizes that are open to be claimed.

On top of that, there are still 8 jackpot prizes of $5 million each that are waiting to be claimed by the lucky winners.

The lottery officials have also announced that any players who have won $5,000 or more can claim the prizes by requesting an appointment at the lottery office. The winners can simply log onto the official website of the lottery and get that done.

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