A Man from Macquarie Turned Lucky Twice for Winning AU$100,000 from “The Lott”


The team of “The Lott” is back with exciting news of a man who will now be considered one of the luckiest in Australia. All across the globe, there are people who wish that they would be able to win the lottery for once in their life. But then there are those who end up winning huge prizes more than a single time.

This time, the Lott is bringing the story of one of the luckiest and most blessed people in Australia who has won a huge prize not once but twice on different occasions.

Like always the winner has requested to keep his identity anonymous but he was kind enough to share the story of his win. The winner is a resident from Port Macquaire and he had his dream come to twice through huge wins.

One of the recent wins for the player comes from the Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw #10440. The draw was held on Tuesday (February 2, 2021) and the player managed to win the 1st prize of AU$100,000 from the game.

According to the operator who called the winner to inform him of the win, the player was completely taken by surprise even when he received the call from them.

The moment the representative told him that the call was on behalf of The Lott, the player had an idea what could be the call about. The second player got a hint, he asked if the call was related to him winning a prize. He was extremely excited about his win and could not believe that he was able to make it the second time.

Even though he was excited about the news, yet he had to double-check his lottery application to confirm if he had really won something. It took him several attempts before he could confirm as he kept tapping the wrong options on the application.

The second he saw that he had won a prize, he gushed out with joy and excitement. The player informed the officials that he was going to go crazy because this was the second time he had managed to win a huge prize.

The player informed that he had won the same amount a while back and at that time, he had shared it with his friend who was really living from hand to mouth.

The player was really pleased when receiving his prize money and also shared what he was planning to do with the prize money. The player informed that he is now old and soon he will be retired from his job so they were already saving up on money.

The prize money has come as a blessing for him and he will be adding the money towards his retirement plan.

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