A player from Monaghan wins €1 Million Playing National Lottery


The National Lottery is here to make two exciting announcements for the lottery enthusiasts. The National Lottery has chosen to talk about two different topics from the same draw. The first topic is surrounding the jackpot prize plus a player who got to share his story of becoming a millionaire.

At first, the lottery officials are talking about the player who has a €1,000,000 prize money playing the National Lottery. According to the officials, the player who won the prize money worth a million euros is a resident from Co. Monaghan.

The player had always hoped of winning large prize money, which he has finally won playing the National Lottery game. As per the lottery officials, the draw for the particular game had taken place on Saturday, September 4, 2021. The officials have revealed that no player won the jackpot prize from the particular draw.

There was only one player who managed to win the second-top prize playing the lottery game for the National Lottery. According to the player, he was not aiming to win the top prize at all, as he never thought he would win such large prize money.

He was not able to control his emotions when he got to learn about the winning and it was a really special moment for him. He called his wife whom he has divorced and informed her about the win. The player informed the officials that his wife had been taking care of their children since they separated.

However, they never lost connection and had been considering their options of getting back together. Now that he has the money, he is ready to re-plan their marriage and live their lives again. The player stated that somewhere along the way, he got into bad things that were unsafe for his wife and children.

Ever since they separated, he has been thinking about his family. It has been five years since he separated from his family and he got out of trouble two years back. Now, he is ready to get back with his family so they can be with his family full time.

The National Lottery team has confirmed that the player had matched all the numbers except for the bonus ball, winning €1,000,000 in return. The player had purchased the ticket from a store based in Drumlin County.

As the jackpot prize was not won for the Saturday draw, the prize money of €13.6 million has rolled over and has exceeded the €14 million figure. Now the players have the opportunity of winning even higher prize money playing the National Lottery game. The player informed the officials that he is going to try his luck in the next draw as well.

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